Take your geothermal business to the next level

As a geothermal installer, you know the importance of sizing your system correctly. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated. With GeoAnalyst, you’ll have access to the most comprehensive residential design and application software on the market, making it easy to design, size and present.

Size it right, everytime

No other software has as many features as GeoAnalyst. With the full product line already loaded, you’ll be able to design and size any job. Plus, our software utilizes pure IGSHPA algorithms, not manufacturer -adjusted loop sizing formulas. That means you’re sizing the system right, every time.

Forget about updates

Because our software is a web application, you never have to worry about updating it. It’s up-to-date every time you log in. Whether it’s changes to equipment, new features being added, or other exciting updates, it’s all done without you having to even think about it.

Wherever you are

In addition to never having to worry about software updates, you can take GeoAnalyst with you wherever you go. As a convenient web app that works across platforms, you can take this software from the office to your home to the jobsite. It even works on your mobile device!

Intuitive and configured

Ground loop sizing and operating cost analysis has never been easier with our intuitive drop-down menus. All pre-configured loops include cut-away section pictures to help you understand exactly what you’re designing. Plus, the convenient “Auto Size” options sizes loops based on the minimum and maximum entering water temperature selected.